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4. A replacement entrance shall not create a false historic appearance. A new entrance or porch must be compatible in size, scale, or material. 5. Entrances must not be removed when rehabilitating a building; adaptation to new uses must include the original entrance. 6. Service (rear) entrances may not be altered to make them appear to be ... Kevin finds Jeff and the apprentices starting the work. Dana shops for efficient yet decorative lighting. Tom and Jeff work with the apprentices to build false rafter tails and then they install them. A Charleston Family House Is Reborn Justv started our install on sun the 10th. Im building on the rafter tails and gable end overhangs next week. I had insulspan double the depth of the subfacia relief from 1.5 inch to three inch so we can build a ladder on the ground and mount it to the subfacia and sheathing.