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2.22/3.33 points | previous answers tamucolphysmechl1 4.pre.002. ask your teacher my notes question part points submissions used on a frictionless air track, a blue glider with mass 0.200 kg is moving to the right with a speed of 8.00 m/s. it strikes a red glider that has mass 0.600 kg and that is initially at rest. after the collision, the blue glider is moving to the left with a speed of 2 ... British textbooks tend to label the Groups on the Periodic Table 1-8 (or 1-7 then 0). This tells you how many electrons are in the outside shell. But it ignores the entire d-block (or Transition Metals) in the middle. The IB prefer Group 1-18. They also expect you to know the common names for some groups.a + 6a - 9 = 30 7a - 9 = 30 7a = 30 + 9 7a = 39 a = 39/7 a = 5.571 (to 3 decimal places only). What must be added to a to obtain 7a? UM 6a? Can you be a little more ...