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4.4.1 Slender Columns in Non-Sway Frames Slenderness effects may be neglected for columns in non-sway frames if the following inequality is satisfied: 34 12(M / M) r k 1 2 u ≤ − l (4-3) Where (34 −12M1 / M2 ) ≤40 (4-4) M1/M2 is the ratio of smaller to larger end moments. This ratio is negative value when the column is ii Abstract In civil structures, the members often encounter a combined loading of flexure and torsion, which has a strong influence on the members’ behavior and capacity, especially for Item 5 The beam is subjected to a moment of M = 4.8kip - ft . (Figure 1) Determine the maximum tensile bending stress in the beam. Express your answer to three significant figures and include the appropriate units. Part B Determine the maximum compressive bending stress in the beam.