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UD tuition only really started going crazy about a decade ago. I mean, I graduated in 2010 and attended from '07 to '10, and tuition was around 8k to 9k for in-state. I didn't live on campus, though. Tuition Plan Options for Undergraduate Students. Undergraduate students at the University of North Texas have the choice between the Save and Soar Tuition Plan and Traditional Tuition. Students interested in the Save and Soar Tuition Plan must meet Texas residency requirements and be seeking a bachelor's degree to be eligible for this plan. COVID-19: Due to financial impacts caused by COVID-19, we are offering flexible payment options, tuition discounts, and tuition credits and refunds for students who must withdraw from Spring 2020 courses. Dec 10, 2019 · The University of Phoenix is paying a record $191 million to settle a complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission accusing the for-profit university of using deceptive ads to lure students ...